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ABB Robot training
ABB Robot training

* Operation
– Safety
– First view of Robot
– Controller and manipulator
– How do you can robot switch on and how is it work
-Teach pendant and all menus
– jogging robot
– System parameters
– Service
– Production
– Quick view of programming
– Input and out put signals

* Robot ABB programming
– make a program
– Routine، Main Program، Module، System Module
– Rob data
– Rapid program
-Test Programs
– How can we solve a problem?
– Performance program
– How we can change the program?( Modify Position، Zone , change speed , …)
– Conveyor tracking systems
– Revision trajectory systems robot
– Main program and program structure
– Shop Floor Editor Software

* Electrical Maintenance
– Safety
– find the problems
– Internal electrical zone
– Demontaj main board
– Demontage and montage drivers
– Power Supply demontage and montage
– I/O Card ، Axis Card demontage and montage
– Final test and montage system
– How can us make a robot and transfer to controller
– How can us computer and controller connection
–  Back up and restore
– Roblnstall soft ware
– C-Start, I-Start, P-Start, X-Start
– Input and output signals
– I/O card

* Mechanical Maintenance
– save and safety data
– Mechanical robot parts
– Calibration
– System test
– SMB unit demontage and
– How do we change backup and flash battery?
– Servo motor and checked engine motor
–  Up date Revolution Counter

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