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Robot Cover
Robot Cover

Robot kar’s WASHABLE COVERS are made of industrial fabrics coated on one side only. This ensures that they can be successfully washed (in water or solvent) and thus used for a number of years. Satisfying your detailed requirements in full, our tailor-made design ensures maximum efficiency without restricting the robot’s movements in any way. The covers can be changed (taken off and refitted) quickly, with no tooling required. This enables you to maintain high productivity. The covers we supply all meet the acceptation criteria for paint-shops in full (no silicon-type non-stick agents…).

The very different requirements created by the various welding techniques mean that specific products have to be specially developed. The industrial fabrics we use have specific coatings that leave the cover flexible but resist spatter and welding projections. Their para-aramid base has excellent mechanical resistance. Whatever the technique you use: arc welding, spot welding, laser welding… Robot kar has the perfect cover specially adapted to your exact situation.

The Robot kar covers in our material Neolis/TNCA are suitable for contact with foods(FDA)

Robot kar “High Tech” covers are made using technical fabrics with specific coatings. The “tailor-made” design provides maximum efficiency without limiting robot movements. The time required to replace a cover remains compatible with your productivity. The covers in our material TNCA or NEOLIS offer you the followingadvantages:

Excellent level of resistance in food grade processes (and especially daily washing).
Washable cover on the robot.

Modern cutting techniques produce a wide range of harmful by-products (water, dust, chips and shavings…). Robot kar covers are made of industrial fabrics specially designed to resist such conditions. They are tailor-made specifically to fit into this work environment perfectly.



Robot kar’s FOUNDRY COVERS are made of special (aramid-based) coated industrial fabrics. These coatings give the complex used the required mechanical and heat-resistant properties to operate satisfactorily in the conditions generated in foundry-work (high fire rating, tear resistance…) The covers are made-to-measure and used covers repaired in our workshops to make sure your robots always have optimum protection.




For this highly demanding environment, Robot kar’s washable and repairable covers are the ideal way of protecting your robots. The industrial fabrics used for robots working in forges are specifically designed for that environment. Their special qualities take into account the robot’s work-area and the movements it makes. This means we customize our covers for you, making sure they have a long working life.



The environments in which mechanical handling robots work very considerably. Thanks to over 5 years experience in all sectors of industry, Robot kar offers the perfect protection for your robots that will take your specific conditions fully into account: environment, operating times, on-site washing…


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