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Robot kar Business & Engineering Company are based in Iran with more than 5 years experience in buy and sell robotic systems and equipment (cover, spare parts and training).one of the most important in our business have good client same as pars khodro, samyar e kashan, bon ro and …. Also we have good cooperation with external source same as the ABB, ASP, Mitsubishi, Graco and …. Robot Kar Company in the industrial cover is supplier and has good experiment. We have a workshop with expert engineering for make all kind of cover with customer order. Our covers make with good fabric and best sewing and have support after sales. Summery of our activity:

  • Consulate, design, making and performance automation projects same as full automatic and mid-automatic. (Pneumatic & floor conveyers and equipments)
  • Identity and finding qualitative products and trusty source in other country (pneumatic, hydraulic, accurate tool, PLC, electro motor and industrial gearbox)
  • Consulate and cooperation with internal supplier for transmit updated technology and in the end joint products manufacture (make good connection between internal and external source.
  • Technical service for annual secure and maintenance factories in the robotic and industrial automation with formal or instance contract.
  • Commercial service for information update, equipment, primary material of in or out of our country.
  • Inverse engineering and make industrial equipment with internal power.
  • Subcontractor in all Mitsubishi products.
  • make and supply all kind of industrial O-ring.
  • prepare training class in and out our country for Iranian engineering in robotic and industrial automation base.
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No6, Sharifi St, Shariati Ave, Tehran, IRAN